Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our Longsuffering Doggie

Josiah decided to pile things on top of Echo last night and our sweet, mellow doggie just sat there and took it! Maybe you can't see the camoflauged dog amidst the black and white objects, but look carefully, her sad face which seems to say, "HELP!" is there! Josiah piled on top a pillow, blanket, and a stool and even left out his Thomas the Train book for her to peruse in her covered up state (how nice, right?). Echo only left this place when either David or I called her and then she gleefully got up and came over with the blanket in tow though! Josiah thought it was really fun to dress up the doggie and did this more than once! Then he proceeded to throw the blankie over Mommy's face, who was resting on the couch and this prompted lots of Josiah laughter for quite a while after seeing Mommy with the blankie on her head.

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Elizabeth said...

LOL! That is such a funny picture, and I can only imagine what a busy little toddler Josiah is now!