Sunday, December 02, 2007

Baby Shower Fun!

So for all of you who have been wondering exactly HOW big I have been getting, you can now see a nice shot! Here I am almost 31 weeks along and of course it looks more like I could have the babies tomorrow or something! I get a lot of comments like "Oh your baby must be coming soon, eh?" too which I have to reply, "Nope I am actually due Feb. 4th, but guessing THEY will be born in mid-January sometime." That usually starts another conversation about me having twins and how I am "in for it" and such. Ha ha ha! Well, comes with the territory I guess!

My good friend Melissa just recently hosted a baby shower for the twins and it was such fun! In this picture here, my mom was showing off her "string" that accurately measured my belly the closest. The funny thing is I came in 2nd on this game...I estimated the yarn based on how big I thought my pants were, ha ha ha! My seamstress mother eyeballed me with the yarn and from a distance measured one side and then doubled it.

We also played the "make a baby out of bubblegum" game and I got to pick out the best bubblegum baby sculpture. We also looked at/sniffed diapers with different varieties of candy bars that were melted in the diapers and had to guess the type of candy bar. The people who were mothers had no qualms sniffing the diaper readily, but one of the single gals who came was making odd faces and grimacing at the diapers. It was pretty funny! Lastly, we played a game where one gal brought around a tray with many different items on it and we were told to study it and that later we would write down what we remembered. It turns out we didn't write down what was on the tray, but were asked to write down all the things we remembered about what the gal was wearing who carried the tray. That threw people for a loop, but many did pretty well anyway!

There were many nice gifts given, too many to really list here, but my main joy and blessing was to share in fellowship with the ladies that came to the party. For a Mommy who has felt rather cooped up in the past month or so it was a real joy to be out with other ladies chatting about baby and family stuff! I have all the pictures from the party in a snapfish album if you are interested in seeing them. I sent a link already to most of those who either came to the party or gave a gift that was given at the party, but let me know if you need the link again and/or didn't get one and would like one.

A BIG, BIG thank you to my friend Melissa for hosting such a fun and blessed event! We had a nice little snow flurry to view out her window and her house was nicely decorated for the Christmas season, so it was a nice cozy environment for the shower. Thankfully, the snow melted soon after coming down and so all the ladies could make it home safely!


Lynne' said...

I actually heard from a mother with twins that they were easier at around six months than her single child was because they entertained each other!
When I was pregnant a stranger was telling me how hard newborns were and how she hated that age and only enjoyed her motherhood with her daughter when she got older (her daughter around 7 years old was right there listening to all of this). I actually loved having a newborn and I'd cry when I thought about her growing up, but every stage has it's perks and I don't cry about her growing up anymore, I just enjoy her now (and take lots of pictures). ;)
All that to say ... strangers with comments are worse than giving birth.. at least to me, but I'm also pretty shy and don't like talking to strangers anyway. You seem to be taking it much better than I do. :)

Heather said...

Yes, people typically have great "advice" to give you...mostly negative about children I have found. It is unfortunate, so I do relish it when I run into someone who truly sees children as a blessing. I too enjoy all the different stages of development and try to be as positive as I can with the naysayers!