Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Update on the TWINS

Today, I was discharged from the hospital and so we took some "going away" photos of the boys. This is Daniel who is getting a nice taste of his 2nd finger apparently! They checked his blood gases and he was due for a wean on his ventilator today, so that is a good sign. They did find that he has a little hole in this spot above his heart that normally closes in most babies after delivery. His still might close, so we can pray for that. So far however, he has had no real complications from having it open, so hopefully it will stay that way! Daniel has a cute little personality already, he does NOT like to be disturbed from his comfortable spot and when I helped give him his care (diaper change, temperature check, weight check) he was none too happy about it! Since he has the tube in his mouth to breathe, we can't hear his voice yet (it interferes with the vocal cords) but he is mouthing a silent cry, which of course just breaks Mommy's heart! He settles right down though after he gets a nice cozy spot again, so all becomes right with the world in his mind at that time! We think for now that this little guy resembles Josiah with his fine, blondish hair and features. Time will tell of course though!

This little guy is Caleb and like his brother he wanted to get a taste of his fingers today also! Incidentally, their beds are next to each other, but of course they aren't awake or alert enough to notice each other at this point. Caleb had a 2nd attempt at getting his PICC line (a way for them draw blood easily without poking them all the time) yesterday and it was successful, so today they were able to take out the two lines they had in his ambilical cord and he also has orders to get the CPAP machine (sleep apnea machine to assist with breathing) now that his breathing has gotten a lot better. He started off needing the most care, but is doing great now! He doesn't mind being moved as much, but on occasion he gets particular about it too. The other day I helped change a diaper and as I was getting wipe I came back to find a little yellow fountain making its way down to the floor! Silly little boy! His nurse laughed and together we changed his bedding and such. When we take his little mask off (they have to wear them while they get their jaundice treatments) he just loves to try and peek at us. He works SO hard to open his eyes and can't always do it. We got a picture though with a speck of his eyeball showing recently to prove he likes to "pose" for the camera just like he did in the womb. We are not sure who he looks like yet, but think he resembles David's Dad with his darker hair and features. And again, time will tell on that count!

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Aww, how darling they look!