Saturday, December 15, 2007

Caleb's First Try

Today the nurses said I could try to breastfeed Caleb since he had been "cueing" quite often of late. This means he roots around when hungry as well as cries before it is time to eat. He also is very soothed by his pacifier and sucks away vigorously when he gets upset. We did try today and he latched on really well, but then didn't do much sucking. He was more interested in looking around since the nurse took off his little mask. We used a syringe to drop little droplets of milk into his mouth, so that he would associate food with this feeding and it was clear he liked the milk he did get! However, he did spit up a little at one point and though he didn't get all that much down in this feeding, it was good practice. Each day I will try again with him and hopefully by the time he leaves the hospital he will get the hang of it. Daniel isn't quite ready to try yet, but he will soon enough also. A quick update on him, he is back under the lights for jaundice treatments because his bilirubin levels went up last night. So he is back on the mask too like his brother. Caleb should lose the lights in the next couple of days we think as his levels have finally been dropping.
We also were told today that both boys had a brain scan done and that all is normal. Guess what? They DO have brains! Ha ha ha! It is good to hear though that there are no abnormalities in their brains.

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