Friday, December 14, 2007

Continued Progress!

I called in to the hospital today around 11:00am and discovered that both Caleb and Daniel had been taken off the CPAP machines and now have nasal cannula's instead. This is what you see on Daniel's nose pictured here and is what they put on people during surgery. For instance, I had one of these on my nose during my C-section. So they are breathing on their own fine and this little device gives them some extra oxygen nearby to breathe easier. David and I got to hold both Daniel and Caleb for an extended period of time today and that was so precious! Daniel was much more animated for me today and I got to see him looking all around at things and such. Caleb was sort of sleepy when I held him, but was rather animated when Daddy held him. Caleb received a milk feeding in his feeding tube while I was holding him. He was crying out for food when they first handed him to me and then when he got it he was very content and fell right asleep on my chest. He really likes his pacifier too and sucks away on it, which is some good practice for later when I try to breastfeed him.

Thanks to you all for praying for our little ones, they have been progressing so quickly! We were told that they could move up to the next nursery for infants that "graduate" out of the NICU very soon. We are certainly praising God for helping our little ones to mature and thrive despite coming into the world a little early. Today we got the 2nd crib put together and I put the linens and things on it to prepare for the boy's arrival home at some point. It is neat to see it all ready to go!

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