Tuesday, December 18, 2007

No Pictures Today...

Hello all....sorry there are no pictures today, but I wasn't able to leave the house due to the fact that I caught Josiah's flu bug. Of course I was concerned because last night I visited the twins and was hoping that I didn't give them something, since it was last night that I came down with the flu. I have called all throughout the day though and so far, so good, the twins are doing great and have no sign of the flu. David may or may not be getting sick now too, but he has plans to go to work tomorrow regardless as he wants to save the rest of his days for when the babies come home.

Daniel weighed in today at 4 pounds 11 oz. and the nasal cannula was taken off! I didn't get as much information on Caleb today, only that he was tolerating his feeds well....he is up to 36cc of milk (a little over one ounce) and will stay there for a while and his IV has been taken away. Little by little all the cords attached to my little ones are being removed....yeah!

I found out around 7:30pm that they were running out of my milk for the babies and they called and said they would need to give some formula feeds during the night if I didn't have anyone to bring in the milk. Since David was extremely tired today and didn't get a nap, (he went to bed at 6:45pm) I called my parents to see if my Dad could bring some in tomorrow morning at least. He then volunteered to come tonight and bring all the milk I had in the freezer to them! I was so thankful, as I have SO much milk and there is no need to give them formula!

Please pray for us as this has been a rather hard couple of days. I am heartbroken that I couldn't see them today and may not get to see them tomorrow (depending on my health). I know it is for their safety that I stay home, but it is still hard! Tomorrow will also be the first day without David here, so I will need some strength to help with Josiah throughout the day. My Dad is coming to visit for a bit tomorrow too, so that will help out as well.

Blessings to you all and goodnight!

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