Sunday, December 16, 2007

Off the Lights....For Now!!

The news for today is that both boys are off the jaundice lights! Both their bilirubin levels came down quite a bit and so for the time being they are able to be swaddled and the little sunglasses are taken off! This is great for Caleb as he hasn't had them off since birth and he tends to be our curious one that likes to look at everything.

I had another session with Caleb today to try and breastfeed him and it went very well. He is still latching on great, but doesn't suck too much. Although, today he sucked a lot more than yesterday, so that is progress. When I had to take him off to adjust his latch he gets really upset and his heartrate goes up, but when he is back with Mommy he settles down and is OK. It is very sweet and it is such fun to work with him in this way. The nurses have told me that it is pretty early for him to be successful at breastfeeding, but that tomorrow they would weigh him before and after to see if he is getting anything down. Today before they gave him his normal dose of milk (now 24cc or almost 1 ounce of milk) they check to see what is in his stomach and it looked to be 3cc of milk, which we think was from this feeding with me because it was well past the hour where he would still have undigested milk from the last tube feeding.

My friend Melissa drove me to the hospital today because David had to stay home with our sick Josiah. Josiah had been throwing up all morning (poor little guy) and of course we decided not to pass that on to anyone else! Thankfully for now, neither David nor I have the illness and we would ask that you would cover us in prayer that we don't get it, as it is very important to us that we can go to the hospital each day and we don't want to endanger our precious little ones also!

Here Melissa is holding Caleb, which she was happy to do! She too is pregnant (16 weeks) and is looking forward to holding her own little boy/girl in a few months. We are so thankful to have such wonderful friends and family to help us in this time!

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Laurie said...

Oh that is so wonderful that he is getting better at nursing...just think what lots more trys will do!
I am jealous of Melissa!