Monday, December 31, 2007

Captain Flails A Lot & Mr. Pitiful

If you look very closely at this picture you will see some baby fingertips peeking through the blanket. We always know when Daniel is awake because we see his hand raking across the top of the blanket and hear some little Daniel grunts to go along with the movements. He is notorious for finding his way out of his "baby burrito" wrap as we call it. We have to swaddle him in two blankets to keep his hands at his sides, otherwise he will work his arms out and flail them around rather than sleep soundly. It is so cute when he is awake, as his arms are extended and his hands are widespread (like jazz hands for you with a dance background) and he waves them around at us. From time to time, we like to imitate him and say, "Who am I?" to each other and that gets a great big laugh from David or myself.

Here is a good example of what I am referring to in what I call his "Touchdown Flail" pose.

Caleb isn't as loud or active as his brother seems to be (though that is surprising since he seemed to be the active one in the womb), but he has his own distinctive characteristics this early as well. We always know who it is that is crying because Caleb has this very pitiful "help me right now or I will die" cry. He doesn't cry too often, though we have been noticing lately that in the middle of sleep he will cry out from time to time. We think he might have gas or something that wakes him up, because he goes back to sleep soon afterward. Daniel has more of a laughing cry...a little stutter that sounds like he is laughing at us. Sometimes this is perfectly timed with a conversation that David and I are having and it gives us a laugh too.

Another funny Josiah story for today: David was changing Caleb's diaper and he was crying and Josiah said, "Baby crying!" and David said, "Yes, he is hungry and wants to eat!" Josiah then said, "Feed Daddy's milk," and David said, "No, I will feed him Momma's milk," and Josiah said, "Oh yes." Our cute big boy pumpkinhead it making his own conclusions about things!

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Mary Janelle said...


Our girls do the exact same thing -- we yell "Score!" when they throw those hands up in the air. Don't know if you're interested, but the "swaddle me" has made things a lot easier for us, instead of the two-blanket routine. It's a velcro swaddler available at target, babiesrus, etc.

Handsome boys, all three of them!
-Mary Janelle