Thursday, December 13, 2007

Answer to Prayer!!

So since yesterday I got to hold Caleb, I asked the nurses who watch Daniel if they could arrange for me to hold him as well, and they were happy to oblige. It might sound odd that I have to ask to hold the babies, but depending on what is happening with them it may or may not be in their best interest to be moved around and such. However, now they are both in a good place, and so we are able to hold them more often. Daniel was very comfortable in Mommy's arms and we even got to see him peeking at us a little today! The wonderful answer to prayer for him was that they told us that the little hole in his heart is closing! Thank you all for praying! They said that it is mostly closed, but only opens a little bit off and on now, so that is a good sign that it will close permanently at some point on its own. Praise God! Daniel also started feedings today of my milk in his feeding tube and is tolerating them well thus far!

Caleb is doing well also! He has moved up to more milk in each feeding (9cc) and apparently the nurse says he knows when it is feeding time because he gets really upset and lets them know he wants the "good stuff!" Today he was very eager again to see Mommy and Daddy, and so we got lots of nice time interacting with him as he opened his eyes to see us. He is still under the jaundice lights, so the next prayer is to get him through that stage so that they can permanently take off his little mask that covers his eyes (it protects his eyes from the lights). He is our "looker" and so it would be nice if he could see what is going on more often without the mask! When I was holding Daniel, David noticed that Caleb was crying (in the next bed over) and so he went over there to soothe him. Once Caleb got his pacifier back in his mouth, he was happy again! He really likes that thing!

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