Thursday, December 13, 2007

TWINS making progress!!

Today when we went in to visit, the nurse told us that Caleb needed to be moved from his first bed to an isolette, so she said that "someone" would have to hold him while they swapped the beds out. I gladly volunteered of course!!! Because he couldn't wear his CPAP machine during the swtich, the nurse had that little blow by device (as pictured) to give him some extra oxygen help in case he needed it. He did really well and continued to breathe just fine without his CPAP though, which she said is a really good sign. As I was holding him, he tried many different times to open his eyes to see his Momma. He has very dark colored eyes! It was so precious to hold this little bundle and we even got to hear his little voice a few times also. When he cries, Virginia (the nurse) found he likes to have his little pacifier to soothe him. We may have a pacifier baby this time (Josiah hated them!). Caleb is also taking some of my milk through his feeding tube to see how well he tolerates food. So far so good and he is tolerating it great! I have been supplying the babies with LOTS of pumped milk, so they will have plenty for feeding in the upcoming weeks. So far they only give 3cc of milk at a time and then they increase the amount as they begin to do better and better with real food in the tummy.
When we arrived, they were preparing to remove Daniel's breathing tube to give him a CPAP machine like his brother. They allowed us to take some pictures once they got all the stuff off his face. Daniel is done with his jaundice treatments (Caleb still needs a few) and so they were able to remove his little sunglasses as well as wrap his body in a swaddling blanket (to keep him warm now that he doesn't have the hot jaundice lamp shining on him). As pictured here, Daniel keeps his eyes closed, he apparently likes it that way. The green tube in his mouth now is his feeding tube. Soon after they see that he tolerates the CPAP machine, he too will go on to some milk feedings through the tube. They have still heard the mumur in his heart that indicates that the litlle hole is still open, however, he has had no ill side effects from it thus far. The side effects could be that he doesn't get enough oxygenated blood in his system, which would mean he is struggling to breath because of the hole. It looks very promising though that despite the hole that he is making progress in his breathing and moved on to the CPAP. Please continue to pray that this little hole will close though so it won't have the opportunity to cause any problems for him.

Once both of the boys are ready (their breathing very stable) David and I will be able to administer "Kangaroo Care," which is where we come and have some skin to skin contact with the babies, just holding them near our skin for about 2-4 hours at a time, talking to them, singing to them and just allowing them to be close. I am very excited for the opportunity to do this, but the nurse said they wouldn't do it if the babies weren't ready for it (ie: not breathing well enough, etc.)

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