Friday, December 21, 2007

Daniel's First Try!

Today, after I breastfed Caleb for a bit, the nurse suggested that at Daniel's next feeding that I could try breastfeeding him also, and so we tried today! This gal (named Gail) who was helping us had lots of experience helping mom's with preemie babies learn to breastfeed and had all sorts of tricks of the trade to assist me and my little ones, so that they can be successful at feeding.

Daniel didn't know quite what to do with himself at first and just latched on and kept looking around, but had a good first try and after being weighed we discovered he put down 2 milliliters of milk (not much but a start) and his brother Caleb only downed 3 milliliters today, so considering it was his first try I thought he did really well!

Over the weekend, Gail said that she would help me try to nurse both of them at once at some point! I was thrilled at how supportive and helpful she was! The sooner they get to feeding well, the sooner they can come home! We didn't check on their weights today, but they are both getting to the point where they will be moved from the isolettes to cribs. They are turning down the inside temperatures of the isolettes little by little until they get to 26.0 Celsius and then the nurses check at each care session to see that the boy's can adjust to keep their own body temperatures up to what is considered a normal range. If they can do that with the isolettes set at 26.0 Celsius (which is considered room temperature) for 24 hours, then they will be ready for cribs.

Below is a video of Daniel with the hiccups. He sounded like a little squeaky toy when hiccuping. You can also hear David and I talking in the background, which is a funny little dialogue as well. You will see him smile towards the end, which is also very cute.

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Anonymous said...

Heather and adorable family. I just got your Christmas letter and announcement today. Congratulations. How exciting. We will keep you in our prayers. Thanks for letting us in on your life with a blog. It is fun seeing the twins progress so far. God is great!!! Can't wait to see the twins in 2008. Merry Christmas and the Lords many blessings,
Andi (MOPS)