Saturday, December 22, 2007

Feeding Two at Once!!

Today I got a chance to try and breastfeed both babes together on my new twin feeding pillow. The nurses assisted me in gettting them positioned with lots of blankets and things under their heads, etc. and it worked pretty good once we got them positioned!

This was Daniel's 2nd day trying to breastfeed and in the first feeding I did them separately and he got 12mL (a little less then half and oz. of milk) and again later on the twin pillow he also got 12mL of milk. Caleb on his 1st feed got 8mL and on the 2nd only 4mL. Part of the problem for him was that it wasn't quite time for his 2nd feeding yet, and so he was rather sleepy during the 2nd time. He is the smaller of the two babies though and perhaps gets tired more easily as well.

Daniel is weighing in at 4 pounds 15 ounces and hopefully he will move to an open crib either late tonight or tomorrow morning. Caleb is weighing in at 4 pounds 6 ounces now!!! He is already in the open crib and is maintaining his temperature very nicely! The boys seem to be in a race to see who can leave the hospital first and progress in their own ways! I hope they keep racing and get out as quickly as possible!

I talked to the nurses today and the next step with their feedings is to wait and see if they start waking up wanting to feed between their scheduled 3-hour feeds. If they do that often enough, then they will move to on demand feedings where they will feed them when they cue for food throughout the day. If I am there, I can breastfeed and if I am not, they can give a bottle of my breastmilk to them. Then if they are doing well and are getting the majority of their food by mouth, at some point the doctor will say they are ready for "rooming in" where they would schedule us to come for 1-2 days and stay at the hospital with them doing all the feedings on demand and making sure they are still gaining weight and are doing well. After that, we can take them home! Please pray for this process to move quickly as we are anxious to have them here with us. Certainly we don't want them home if they are not doing well enough, but since they are progressing so nicely, the quicker they can do the above the better in my opinion!

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John / 約翰波特 said...

All the powers to you girl for feeding both babies at once. Cute babies and congrats once again!