Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Can you tell the difference?

Hello all....well, one of the questions we get asked from most anyone we tell that we have twins is, "Are they identical or fraternal?" Our opinion is that they look and act very individual and appear to us to be fraternal. They were also in separate sacs and had separate placentas, so the likelihood that they are fraternal is very high. In this shot, we had one awake and one asleep (Caleb on the left and Daniel on the right) but I think it is clear some of the differences even in this picture.
Some of the differences we see are as follows: different skin tone & hair color (Caleb has darker hair and skin tone), their lips have a different shape and fullness (Daniel has fuller lips), & Caleb is still thinner than Daniel and doesn't have the chubby cheek look like Daniel does (and in general Daniel's face is puffier than Caleb's).

Today David's brother Jon came for a visit to see his nephews. We roped him into giving Daniel part of his bottle, which he did willingly and even posed for a picture! It was nice to see him and we were glad he was able to help participate in the baby care too. And for those of you Yankee haters out there, he and David say, "Go Yankees!" David has Josiah trained so much to like baseball, that when football is on we say, "What are you watching?" and he says, "Baseball."

Last night, Josiah was VERY disturbed by the fireworks, and woke up screaming for Mommy & Daddy. Because of this, we had a little Pumpkinhead up during both night shifts from around 10pm-3am, when he finally fell asleep watching "Finding Nemo." On a side note, our very scared doggie probably lost all her body weight in drool due to panting all night because of the fireworks as well. We had forgotten that whenever there are fireworks, that we need to get her some kind of sedative so that she doesn't freak out.

Also today, while Daddy watched all the football games on New Year's and stayed home to care for the twins, Josiah and I went on an outing. Josiah sleeps better for his nap when he has a morning outing, so today we went first to Jamba Juice to get a special drink and then we made our way to the Target train for him to play on at the mall. Josiah gleefully ran around the train chasing all the other little boys and girls until he ran out of steam and finally came back to Mommy requesting to put his shoes on. We then went and got some lunch in the food court and came home. Josiah fell asleep in the car (much to Mommy's delight) and we were able to then transplant him into his bed without disturbing him too much....SCORE one for the parents!


COMamabear said...

They are so sweet! Enjoy these moments - they really DO fly by. My frat boys are 14.5 mos now and I can hardly remember the first 6 mos!!

- Katie

Anonymous said...

Well, I could tell the difference between Caleb and Daniel from the very first pictures you posted on day one....but that's probably because I'm a grandma and we have special powers.....Larraine

Anonymous said...

The Carpenter's 5 - what a lovely bunch! Happy New Year!!!! ~ Stacy