Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wild Weekend

As you may have read in the previous post, Josiah has been ill and so we have been tending to his needs. He stopped throwing up the first day (thank you Lord) but now has been having some problems with his other end, and he has developed a rash since he hasn't been telling us he keeps pooping. We thought we had quite a success the other day when he said, "I have a pooper," and though he did not, he wanted to be brought to the toilet and actually went in the toilet! When we left the bathroom, I praised him a lot and he shouted, "Hooray!" as we walked back to the living room. This was a short lived moment though as all today he hasn't been telling us he needs to go. I think it is out of his control at this point anyway and it is so painful for us to clean him up he would rather avoid the whole thing. David gave him a nice bath though as he was screaming bloody murder for the first 2/3rds of the bath and I am thankful that he did it because I was feeling out of sorts right about that time myself as well. This picture of Josiah is typical of how we all felt this weekend...very tuckered out! David went in to work everyday this week (and did his normal 8pm to 2am shift) to do some training and so has been pretty worn down. He even flew to Spokane on Friday and back again that night.

I have also been feeling ill a bit, but thankfully haven't had a full blown version of what Josiah had as of yet. I started feeling sick to my stomach last night as I was feeding Caleb at 4am, but managed to keep it together and finish feeding Daniel too followed by some restless sleep before the next feeding started at 7am. Ahhh, such is our life nowadays! The babies are doing well though thus far, no signs of illness in them thankfully. We continue to watch them though just in case. Please continue to pray protection over them! Incidentally, this picture of Josiah and I was taken after we finally calmed him down after all his crying and problems today. He actually sat and cuddled with me, which is a VERY rare thing for our active little boy. He didn't get much of a nap today, since he fell asleep in the chair (as pictured above) and ended up crashing on the couch watching Nemo around 7pm (usual bedtime of 8pm). Poor little Josiah! I hope he will have a better day tomorrow!

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Jackie said...

Hope you feel better soon! Praying for you.