Sunday, January 20, 2008

Funny Josiah Moments

Yesterday I was pumping milk (as is often the case throughout the day) at my computer (I have a discrete way of doing it now) and Josiah was sitting next to me playing a toddler computer game on the Fisher Price website. Our conversation goes like this:
Josiah: What doing Momma?
Mommy: I am pumping milk.
Josiah: (taking his shirt and putting it over the arm of the chair) I'm pumping too! Pumping shirt!
Mommy: No you're not silly!
Josiah: Yes, pumping!
Josiah: Pumping too Daddy?
Daddy: (with a sideways grin) No!

Another fun thing is that he pronounces his "L's" like "W's" and so we get these kind of words out of him:
HeWo (hello)
CaWeb (Caleb)
The combined above is so cute. "HeWo CaWeb!!"
PiWrate (Pilot)--to which I say "what does a pilot say?" and he answers "Rrrr Hardies" (confusing pilots with pirates!)

I tried to work with him on getting the "L" sound by putting his tongue on his teeth, but he just sticks his tongue way out and gets a sort of "L" sound and then prounces the word in question with a "W." He does a similar thing when he sees the letter "D." He says, "D is for Papa!" and I say, "No D is for Daddy!" Then I say "Duh, duh duh Daddy" and he says, "Duh, duh, duh Papa! Oh well, he will get it eventually! For now it is a cute little thing he does.

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