Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Visit from Uncle Brent & Aunt Katie

Today Uncle Brent and Aunt Katie came for a visit and had their turns at holding and feeding the babies. Since Caleb is the one who takes the bottle the easiest, he is the one I had both of them feed him (they were here for 2 feedings). Here pictured however is Brent holding Daniel. By the time I got the idea to get the camera, Katie had already put Caleb down for a nap and so I missed the shot. Whoops! What can I say..I am a tired Mommy! They brought Barry the beagle dog, the newest addition to their family, to visit as well. Our dog Echo was none too pleased to share her stead with the newcomer. The dogs were chasing each other around the house as well as when they were outside together, and it was rather entertaining to watch. Barry would bark at Echo when she got too annoying for him and she would show her teeth to him off and on, but no harm was done!

For those of you wondering, I am feeling much better now and Josiah is too. We are still dealing with the bad rash he has though, so you can pray that it goes away soon. He woke up today with another bad blowout and he immediately had to take a bath to clean up and then yet another blowout in the bathtub (those are always SO fun for me). As you might guess, there was a special load of baby toys for the dishwasher today to sterilize the whole mess as well as a much needed thorough cleaning of the bathroom! What fun at 6:00am in the morning, eh? In this picture, Josiah had previously found the camera and was saying, "Cheese" and holding the camera up, so I asked him if he wanted me to take a picture of him and he did, so here it is! And who are the 2005 State #1 Champs? You tell me!
And you know I can't resist adding some cute twin pictures to the post as well. Here you see how I am now propping them up a bit in their beds as I suspect they both may have silent reflux, which is a version of acid reflux that is a little different than the normal variety. They haven't been officially diagnosed at this point, but I thought I would do some of the suggestions I read about to help them in case they do have it. Daniel is the further away child and Caleb is the one with his eyes open (posing for the camera again!)

Here is little Caleb asleep with his token hand beside his face.

Here is Daniel with his token dangling hand outside the blanket.

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