Thursday, January 24, 2008

Prayer Request

This morning Josiah told me "I feel cold," which in our household means his tummy hurts and he may throw up soon. It was apparent he wasn't feeling well because his appetite was low (more like non-existent) as he only had a few bites of a sandwich before he ended up falling asleep next to me on the couch around 11:30am (usual naptime is 2:00pm). Incidentally, when we hear the "I feel cold" phrase we give Josiah his "speical towel" to hold on to, which of course is more for us to clean him up afterward than it is for him to throw up into. So now when his tummy hurts he says, "Need towel!" (He is still very cute even though he is sick!)

All morning and afternoon he was obviously ill, but no messes to clean I was beginning to do my afternoon pump, sitting all cozy on the couch hooked up to the milk machine, Josiah came over to the couch complaining he felt cold again and the next thing you know the grapes that he just ate were all over the couch in a new and grossified form. Ugh! Following this lovely scene, I somehow managed to remove the breast pump parts off my body and whisk Josiah off to get him cleaned up all the while wondering how in the world to get puke smell out of the couch. I was able to clean the couch up really well by the way by washing the cushion covers in the washing machine and hand cleaning and using lysol on the non-removable parts of the couch. It was quite a job!

Then later in the afternoon, Josiah showed interest in eating a sandwich and so I thought perhaps his throwing up problems were through. Instead, we had nice little visit from Mr. Diarrhea, which resulted in a quick bath to clean up further for Mr. Josiah. UGH!! Then later before bed another "I'm cold," incident, but this time I managed to escort him to the toilet in time!

Poor little pumpkinhead! So I guess you can guess the prayer request at this point? It would be nice if David and I were bypassed by this illness, but my main prayer request is that the babies DO NOT get this! I am hoping that the immunities in my milk will protect them against it!

Thanks in advance for your prayers. I am sorry there are no pictures of late, as you can imagine picking up the camera is rather far from my mind at this point. However, I am blogging because I get stuck in front of the computer while I pump milk (in case you are wondering why I can find the time to type all this).

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