Thursday, January 03, 2008

One Week Appointment & All Is Well!

The boys were checked out today by our pediatrician and she said she was "very pleased" with their progress. Daniel was giving me a ton of these cute little involuntary smiles in the office today, so I got my phone out and took a picture of his lovely smile. Daniel weighed in at 5 pounds and 12 oz. (gain of 1 pound 6 oz. since birth) and was 19 inches long (gain of 2 & 1/4 inches since birth). The doctor checked all his vitals and he was very healthy. In fact, as she was checking his lower extremeties, he let out a loud expolosive poop and filled his diaper, which thankfully was still in place. She actually jumped and then said, "Well, his bowels are working well it seems!" Then he proceeded to pee all over as well, so that was fun! Daniel has left his mark at the doctor's office so to speak.

Caleb had his usual concerned look on his face at the doctor's office most of the time. He was due for his next feeding around the time we were there, and so I think he was looking more for milk rather than a doctor's check up! He was also none to pleased to be unwrapped from his warm, comfy blanket either! We got to hear the full force of his lungs as he wailed on until he was rewrapped in his baby burrito. At home, he nuzzles down into his blanket and is a bundle of warmth when we retreive him for feedings and diaper changes. Caleb weighed in today at 5 pounds 2 oz. (gain of 1 pound 1 oz. since birth) and was 18 & 1/2 inches long (gain of 1 & 3/4 inches since birth). We had to do the length measurement twice because Caleb doesn't like to extend his legs out fully. He typically keeps them bent into his body all the time.
Some fun Josiah exchanges occurred today as well:
Mommy: "Somebody has a pooper!!" (as I am looking down at Josiah)
Josiah: "I have a pooper TOO!"

Daddy bought some Martinelli's sparkling cider and gave some to Josiah this morning calling it "champagne." So all day we heard this one: "More champagne please." Silly Daddy! That one will get us in trouble someday I have a feeling!

Josiah was drinking out of a cup that poured more freely than the type he is used to and got water all over his front. He was wearing a long sleeved shirt with a zip up jacket as well that was zipped up almost all the way. When he got wet he said, "Help...over me!" and "Open me up!" (in reference to unzipping his jacket).

He has very imaginative play now and was taking his bees (toys from McDonalds) and hooking them together and making them fly around the house. Before take-off he would said, "Hold on tight" to the bees and then would go buzzing around the house. Periodically we also hear him say, "Help!" then followed by, "OK here I come," as he manuevers his toys to "help" each other out of various jams they get into.

Last night, Mommy went to bed before Josiah and I asked him to tuck me into bed. He came in and I said, "Can you sing Mommy a song?" (On a side note, I sing to him "Baby, Mine Don't you Cry" from the movie Dumbo all the time) and he started singing in his own key with his precious little voice, "Baby mine....don' CRY!" Then we prayed together and he said, "Dear Jesus, thank, mommy, daddy, brothers." So, soooo precious! Mommy treasures these moments in her heart!

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