Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday Fun Installment #2

This year Josiah's birthday had a Lego theme and as you can see the cake is a gigantic Lego brick. Thankfully, I still had some candles from last year's party or I wouldn't have had any candles for him to blow out! We had quite a turnout for the party and it was fun to see everyone!

First we played a little treaure hunt game to find the treats for the goodie bags. I had little clues written on Duplo Lego blocks that would lead them to the next treat. After we got the game out of the way, we did the cake right away and then following that had a lot of water fun in the back yard. We had the wading pool, some water cannons and water guns, (I meant to have more of these, but ours got locked in the half bath in Josiah's room somehow and I didn't have time to take the doorknob off and retrieve them) water balloons, a big tarp to function as a slip and slide, and an octopus sprinkler dealy to shoot water all over the yard. The kids had a lot of fun with all the water stuff and thankfully the weather cooperated and it was really sunny for this part of the party! You can see Josiah in this shot gleefully trying to get Jaiden with the water cannon. Judah and Caleb are in the pool getting wet as well.

Rather than bringing everyone in to sit and watch Josiah open the presents (since the kids were all having so much fun with the water and were soaking wet), I decided to just bring the kids who brought each gift up to see Josiah open his presents one at a time. This was nice too as they could personally hand him the gift and I could get a picture! Here Asher is telling Josiah what he is getting before he opens it! Too cute!

Maggie, Issac, & Gary Jr. made Josiah a cute card that required him to look through the glasses they drew on the card. Maggie is there smiling in the background as Josiah is looking through the card as directed! They also gave him some Lego candy, which he was really excited about as well!

Hailey, Isaac, & Katie gave him a neat homemade card also and some money for a gift. My mom said, "Oh look Josiah, money!" And he said, "yeah, money to give to church!" Everyone laughed and I looked at them and said, "I have no idea what made him think of that, but I'll take it!" Of course, when someone else gave him a wonderful Lego set, his first response was, "I don't need this one, I already have it!" So you win some and you lose some I guess!

When I took the water balloons out for the water fight the twins stood around one of the buckets and just proceeded to pick up the balloons and drop them on the ground nearby the bucket. It appears that the idea of a water fight is pretty much lost on two year olds!

And of course I had to include a shot of Miss Naomi in her pretty dress! I took this before all the kiddos arrived for the party.
Overall, Josiah had a great time with all his friends and hopefully they had a good time too! I have many more pictures of the event, but just included a few here to share. Josiah really loved all his gifts and the time spent with friends. Thanks all for making his day so special!


50 Chubby Toes said...

What a perfect day for a birthday party ~ thanks for inviting us! My boys had a lot of fun!!! It was nice visiting with you ~ we'll have to do it again soon ~ Blessings, EMichelle (we school Oct - June :-)

Jee said...

I can't believe how much the kids have grown and Miss Naomi is growing so fast! Looks like the kids had a great time. Glad to hear all is well!