Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friends, Food, & Fun

Josiah's friend Hannah came for a quick visit and they enjoyed some time together chowing down on goldfish together. It is funny to watch them play together. Josiah typically tries to boss her around and Hannah either does what he says or tries to do her own thing. When it was time to go, she didn't want to leave and Josiah found a "pretty pony" to give to her as a parting gift. Josiah doesn't look super happy here, but trust me he was happy to have Hannah here with him. She was squealing with delight here and there too. She ran down the hallway once and just hollered, "JOSIAH!!" It was super cute!

Then later the same day, we had other friends come over as well. I was watching my friend Melissa's kids so she and her hubby could go on a date for their anniversary. It was nice having them all here! Katie (her youngest) just LOVES to play with the twins and especially she and Caleb have a blast together. Caleb would do something silly and she would copy him and they would just laugh and laugh.

Hailey & Isaac came too and they had fun playing Super Mario Party 8 on the Wii with Josiah. He isn't too great at those kinds of games yet (we haven't played it much with him), but he still insisted on trying his hand at some of the mini-games and such. Josiah and Isaac love to take our Thomas the Train tent and roll in it down the hill in the backyard and then let the little ones tackle them in the tent. Fun game? I suppose for boys that this is a brilliant game! The older ones also enjoyed playing with Josiah's Legos as well.

Today, I decided to take Miss Naomi out into the fresh air to partake in the little bit of the nice sunshine we are having this weekend. As per her usual, she has a flailing arm for you all to enjoy!

Her brothers loved having her outside too and were tickling her here on the pillow.

This is a shot of her getting some tummy time. She didn't complain about it much, but she had a very serious look the entire time. Lately I have noticed that she is REALLY trying to roll when she is laid flat somewhere. It is funny to watch her try it! She also is desparate to sit up as well and I see her attempting to do so in her car seat a lot of the time. We have discovered that she makes very different noises from our other babies. We will attempt to capture that on video sometime for sure!

Caleb was up to his usual antics and was pointing with both hands here at something.

He found Josiah's bike helmet and decided to drag the tricycle down to where I was in the yard. Needless to say, the "road" was a bit rough to ride in this part of the yard.

This picture I just had to include as it was too cute of Mr. Daniel. He still loves to call me "Mommy-a" from time to time and seems to be the spokeperson for the twins. We are trying to get Caleb to talk more for himself, though he prefers I think to point to things and throw tantrums instead. Can we say DRAMA? I pray daily for him and for how to help him communicate better, please join me in that!

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