Saturday, June 05, 2010

Fun Times!

The three boys were "playing nice" one morning cuddling under the blanket driving little Hot Wheels over the roads on the blankie. Who knew that when I crocheted this pattern that my little boys would see roads to drive on? I guess I should have figured so.

Today we went on a little mile walk together on this paved trail near our home. As I am just finally starting to make strides with my physical therapy (my hip has been having issues), I was able to join the family on this short walk without having major pain afterward. Here are the Carpenter boys coming down the big, green hill at the end of the walk.

We paused a moment on the walk to get a picture together. Mommy and her boys!

Last Thursday, David took a personal day and took Josiah up to Mt. Rainier to do a bigger hike. They walked on a log across a "raging river" and Josiah was scared at first, but Daddy convinced him to be "brave and courageous" and cross it anyway. On the way back, he wanted to do it all himself, but David kept close in case he lost his balance. They had a great time together and saw some great sites as well!

Clearly, David wore him out really good and he slept most of the way home!

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