Saturday, June 26, 2010

Birthday Fun Installment #1

We had the pleasure of getting to see Grandpa Carpenter around Josiah's b-day this year! He was here under sad circumstances, however, as his brother's wife recently died and so David and he drove down to Oregon for the funeral on Saturday and they will be back on Sunday night. The first day he was here though, we got to catch up a little and we will see him again for a day and a half when he gets back. First thing upon entering the house, we handed Miss Naomi off to him to hold. He was very pleased to see our 4-month-old little bundle and she was very smiley for her Grandpa as well.

Grandpa came bearing gifts for all the children that were from all the Carpenter's East. The twins were given some fun drawing toys and Daniel was right on top of those! They also brought a little train set and some cute clothes for Naomi as well. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Carpenter for all the nice gifts!

Josiah was given a new Leapster game for his Leapster 2. I had wrapped it up prior to him coming and when my back was turned the twins had taken it off the counter and were unwrapping it as Grandpa Carpenter and crew were coming back from the airport. Sooooo, I had to re-wrap the gift so that it could then immediately be opened by Josiah.

Grandma & Grandpa Walker came yesterday and brought Josiah's b-day present as well, which is this farm Lego set. She told Josiah that it came equipped with the Lego version of Uncle Mike and Aunt Genny (who incidentally work a farm in Eastern, WA in real life). According to Josiah, Uncle Mike is the one who drives the tractor and he very matter of factly told me today as he was playing with his set that "boy cows are called bulls." When I asked him how he knew that, he said, "Uncle Mike told me on the farm!" I am sure Uncle Mike will be glad to hear he had a very good listener when he was teaching him about farm life the last time we visited. Later, my mom asked Josiah what Lego Uncle Mike & Aunt Genny were doing on the farm and I found Aunt Genny laying down under the silo and remarked, "Guess Aunt Genny is laying down on the job," and my mom said, "Something which doesn't happen very often!"

Here is Josiah opening his gift from us, a Lego fire station! This was also VERY popular as well! We opened this gift early since Daddy was leaving on Friday. This allowed for them to build the station before he left.

Josiah is telling me here that he loves his fire station "THIS much!" And I might add that he loves the time spent with Daddy building the station!

When Grandpa Carpenter arrived, Caleb went into full show off mode and was dancing around and flopping on the ground to gain Grandpa's attention. This is one of his poses as he was dancing around the room.

This is a sweet picture of Daniel and Josiah checking out Josiah's new Leapster game. Daniel LOVES to watch Josiah play and if it were up to him he would have a turn too if Josiah would let him.

This picture I had to include also of Daddy holding Naomi. She is Daddy's little girl and he loves her dearly, as do I of course!

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