Saturday, June 26, 2010

Boy Adventures!

The boys went over to our babysitter's house for a little bit while I took Naomi to the doctor. As per usual, Caleb was quick to find dress-up clothes and he put on two different girl's dress shoes and a cat headband. They have seven girls and so there were LOTS of dress-up things to choose from.

Here he is again fishing outside with the cat headband on. He is just loves to be the clown and we predict he might be an actor or do some kind of outgoing type of job some day!

Josiah and Daniel were enjoying jumping on the trampoline with the babysitters. I was able to go in and talk with the babysitter's mom and we had a nice time chatting. However, while we were chatting Daniel proceeded to draw all over her wall with a marker. At first, I thought it might be permanent since it had a "Sharpie" label on it, but it turns out it was a Sharpie dry erase marker and it wiped right off the wall! Thank you Lord for that! Anyway, they had a fun time playing while I was out.

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