Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun New Pictures

My friend Jasmine and her kiddos came over the other day to visit. It is kinda funny how we met, or rather didn't "officially" meet the day our baby girl's were born. In the hospital, I was talking with the nurses and they always ask how many kids you have and their ages, etc. and one nurse said, "You know, I really think there is another gal here who has the exact same ages of children and even the same gender!" I was thinking, "Yeah right, there is no way that could be the case!!" Yet miracle of miracles, indeed this was accurate information! Jasmine has a 4-year old boy (he is only 6 months younger than Josiah), 2-year old boy twins (only 1 month older than mine) and a little girl born on the exact same day, at the same hospital and by the SAME doctor! Coincidence? I think not! As David always quotes, "As the Jews would say, coincidence is NOT a kosher word." It has been fun getting to know her and her family and it was wonderful to have her visit our home. Ellie was trying to hold Naomi's hand here. They looked over at each other a little bit, but weren't too interested in interacting just yet!

Miss Naomi is loving this rolling over business and many times she will roll to her side and fall asleep. She is taking after Mommy's style of sleeping. All she needs now is a pillow between her legs and some loud snoring action and she will be a mini-me for sleep!

Grandpa loves to have the babies try on his hat. She looks so, so cute in it too!

Recently, Daniel has taken to wanting (desparately I might add) to play Josiah's Leapster 2. He runs around saying or rather whining, "I wanna pway Weapster, Momma!!" This became such a real problem for him AND for us, that Daddy decided it was time to have two "Weapsters" in the house! Here they are playing them together today!
We are going to Vacation Bible School this week and I will post pictures and more about that, but wanted to document here a funny thing Josiah said prior to starting the week. We told him about going to VBS on Sunday and later that evening he said, "Tomorrow's my lucky day, Momma!" I asked him why that was and he said, "Because I get to go to church EVERY DAY!!" This was such a popular saying that when I shared it with some of the leaders this morning on my way in to VBS, they passed it along to the lady who was writing the daily update for the parents and his quote made the cut! I would like to add that his VBS teachers are THRILLED with his behavior thus far and we have had no problems with him this week! Maybe I shouldn't speak too soon? But I am proud of his progress! Last year, he had to have his own personal adult to watch his every move and this year according to his teacher he is a model student! I am so glad! Caleb & Daniel are in a little mini-VBS group for the worker's children and I am working in the nursery this year with the kids under two years old. It works perfectly since I am nursing Naomi that I can help out in this way.


christine said...

Your kids are beautiful.

50 Chubby Toes said...

I'm so glad we are friends! I hope that you are having a wonderful week at VBS! I gave you a Blog Award! Stop by my blog to pick it up!!! Blessings, EMichelle