Monday, June 27, 2005


Today was the day that little Josiah was born! I was having the usual random contractions throughout the previous day and into the night, but later in the night they started to hurt more and so I got up to count them.
It was about 3:55am that I started tracking the really painful contractions and by 4:30am I told David that it was time to head to the hospital.
After I was admitted we called my parents who came immediately. I had originally told them that I only wanted David and I in the room when I was in labor, but my Dad decided to make himself at home when he arrived. Of course since I had the epidural it was fine because I wasn't in any pain and was sleeping most of the time.
However, when they examined me again we kicked my parents out. It was then that the fun began. They were so excited that they kept asking from outside the room "is he here yet?" or "can we come in?" At one point, we got a message from the nurse "Grandma wants to know if she can come back in about 20 minutes." To which we replied, "We will come and get you when it is time!" Finally when he was born, my mom asked from outside the door, "How much does he weigh" and we told her "9 pounds 15 ounces" and she said "wow what a big boy....can we see him?" Again I replied, "Mom...I am still being stitched up here, we will come and get you!!" was pretty funny...very excited first time grandparents!

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