Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day Fun

After Mommy got a much needed nap after church, we all headed to the park for some fun in the sun! This is Daniel trying to grab the camera from me.

He was also really loving the swings, as evidenced by his happy little tongue sticking out.

Caleb wasn't loving the swings as he was wanting to get off and run around again.

Josiah wouldn't let me get very many shots of him and here he is pouting that he has to get off and let his little friend take a turn on the swing.

This is Josiah leading the way for his little friend Audrey, who he met at the park. She was running around behind him shouting, "Boy....little boy!!" He saw her sitting by her Dad and he walked over to ask her to play. She said, "Do you want to pick flowers?" Her Dad suggested that perhaps he might want to go play another game.

Caleb was enjoying climbing and I caught his gleeful expression here.

Daniel was mastering this climbing area and he was very intent on making it to the top each time and very proud of himself as well for doing it.
Miss Naomi was enjoying the sun and we discovered that when we run out of size one diapers, that brother's size 5's can be folded down to fit her when needed. Glad we didn't have the opposite problem as I am most confident that Daniel and Caleb would not be able to squeeze into size 1 diapers!

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