Thursday, December 13, 2012

Co-op Christmas Party 2012

This was the first year we were a part of the North Spokane Homeschool Connection Co-op here in Spokane and they had a fun Christmas party in December that we participated in.  They had face painting and Josiah got a snake as you can see here pictured.  They also had a craft area and the kids played some fun games too and also came down to sing carols.  I played the piano for those who wanted to sing, so that was fun too.

One of the games was to wrap up a partner in toilet paper to make a snowman.  The person who was most wrapped from head to toe was the winner.  Daniel didn't really want the toilet paper over his face, so this is as far as he got to being a snowman, but he was enjoying himself!  They had scarves and other things to decorate the snowmen too.

Caleb decided that Naomi would be his snowman and started wrapping her.  She was loving it!  It was a really fun event and we all brought potluck items for lunch and the kids had a great time!

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