Thursday, May 16, 2013

Awana Awards Night 2013

 As per usual, the Awana groups march up the aisle to their seats in the front at the beginning of the ceremony.  Caleb is leading the way here very hesitantly as you can see.  Daniel is all smiles!  Last year, they both had to hold a leaders' hand up the aisle, so they are moving up in the world it seems. 

 In rare moments, I can capture a true Josiah smile, and this is one that he gave as he looked back proudly at his parents as he walked by to go to his seat.  

 Daniel and Caleb are checking out their loot as they wait for the other awards to be handed out.  They each got a Cubby Bear cup filled with candy, a certificate, and a special ribbon that goes on their Awana vests behind the little Cubby Bear that they got last year for their first book.  These guys are now done with all things Cubby and are moving on to Sparks next year!  Naomi will have her first year of Cubbies next year too, so that will be fun to see.

Josiah earned the top award for Sparks and finished his third book this year as well as the review book also.  He got his Sparky plaque for finishing the third book and for each review book he got a little pin to put on the patch that goes behind his wings.  He was the only one to finish all the possible books for Awana Sparks this year and we are very proud of his accomplishments!  It might be noted here too that all throughout the ceremony, I was having contractions in hopes that baby girl might be born soon.  More on that in the next post!! 

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