Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Handy Josiah

As you can see, Josiah loves his tools! He will periodically ask me to put his toolbelt on and then will find all the tools that he can to fit in the little slots. He loves the show "Handy Manny" on the Disney Channel and so I jokingly call him Handy Josiah and he thinks that is really funny. Every once in a while he will say "Dos, uno, cinco," which I know is the cue for one of the Handy Manny songs that they sing on the show.

Today, Daddy asked Josiah a series of questions to which we got some rather surprising and creative answers! First he asked him, "Where do the books come from?" and he answered, "The shelf." Then, "Where does Mommy come from?" and the variety of answers he gave were "sleeping," "sitting," and "home." (And of course this is atypical Mommy behavior of late with these twins inside of her...tired, sitting down and at home.) When asked, "Where does Daddy come from?" he said, "Door," as in our bedroom door where Daddy does a lot of work and also has his downtime. When asked, "Where does Uncle Jon come from?" he said, "Work." And most everyone else including Grandpa and Grandma and anyone else I asked him about came from their own homes respectively..."Grandpa's house, Grandma's house, etc."

Oh and lately we have been asking Josiah to say "Hi" to the babies by talking to Mommy's tummy and or giving her tummy a kiss. He used to come say "Hi babies," and kiss my tummy and now when we ask him to do that he says, "No thanks." Perhaps there is a tinge of jealously brewing already?

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