Monday, October 15, 2007

Josiah, Hannah & the Gooey Geyser!

While I teach piano lessons, my babysitter Sharel comes over to watch Josiah and from time to time will bring her little sister Hannah with her as well. They are the same age, so it is fun to watch them interact! Here they are sitting down to their snack of yogurt and raisins and it was just too cute not to take a picture of!

Josiah has been really progressing in his language development of late. He will remember things from shows he watches on TV or places he went during the day or things that he did and will recount them with me from time to time throughout the day and well into the evening. One of the funniest of these moments was when he watched a Dora the Explorer show and he remembered a rather funny event from the show. To make a long story short, the plot of this lovely children's show was that Dora's twin baby brother and sister were in a stroller headed for a "gooey geyser" and Dora and her parents had to hurry and save them before they reached it. Following this show, Josiah very emphatically stated over and over to me "gooey geyser, gooey geyser," and I would respond with, "What about the gooey geyser?" and he would say, "Babies!!!" He was obviously very concerned for the babies and wanted me to know it, and since that day he will sometimes still remember and tell me about the "gooey geyser" again!

In fact, the video I posted below (taken from David's camera--sorry for the bad quality folks) is of Josiah telling Daddy & Hannah about the gooey geyser and you can hear me laughing at him in the background as well! Enjoy!!

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Heather said...

Hello all, I am aware that the sound it not working on the video and am trying to find out why. Check back periodically and try to see it again and hopefully I will get the sound fixed. Thanks, Heather