Thursday, October 25, 2007

Twin Update--25 weeks

Today I went in (with David in tow) for another full growth ultrasound with the ultrasound technician. This is where they take a more extensive look at the babies and do all the measurements and such. And apparently we always get a 3D shot at these type of visits too because we have another couple to share at this stage!

Baby A pictured on the left here is weighing in at 1 pound 14 ounces (approximately) and his heartbeat was a steady 140 beats per minute. When she first started checking him he was feet down head up (on my left side) and then later on he was head down feet up. He was moving around a lot during the visit I guess! I might add that she told us that both babies are in the 90% for weight!!! UGH!! I hope they slow their growth at some point or I am going to be HUGE (I already feel huge enough by the way!)

Baby B here is weighing in at 1 pound 15 ounces and his heartbeat was a steady 146 beats per minute. You can see Baby A's body in this shot on the far left corner and that line across his face is the membrane sac between the two babies. The cord like deal coming from the back of his neck is the umblical cord. If these early pictures are any indication I would say that this one looks more like me and that Baby A looks more like David (Baby A seems to have that longer angled nose and Baby B has more of a pug nose like mine). Baby B has been laying with his head down (on my right side) and his feet more diagonal across my body on the left side. This could be why I typically feel the most kicks on the left side. I have up to this point attributed all the kicking to Baby A, but not have to give Baby B some props for doing some of the kicking too! I suppose that is why they have to do so many ultrasounds as it really is hard to tell who is doing what in there!
Oh and we had her check again just to make sure we were having two boys (just in case!) Her first response was, "Well in the 20 years I have been doing this I have never had a penis fall off." We laughed! However, I have heard of an instance where people were told they were having a boy and it ended up being a girl (mistake obviously on the technician's part I assume!!) Usually it turns out the other way around where a girl is expected and they get a boy.

You can pray for me as she also told me that though my cervix is not dialating yet, I have a "warning sign" that it is getting a little stressed out. I have already been having Braxton Hicks contractions (practice contractions leading up to delivery), which I think is rather early for this symptom. It could mean that my activity will be even more severely limited in the last months. I have already been using those motorized carts at grocery stores and such to limit time on my feet. However, I may be required to be on bed rest if this keeps up! She said that when I feel a contraction/cramp that I should sit down and put my feet up and drinnk some water. This I will do!

I thought I would include the black and white ultrasound shots this time to show you the drastic difference in how they look as well as show you the funny shot of Baby A kicking Baby B in the head! Baby A is in the top picture and Baby B's head is in the bottom picture with Baby A's body in the shot. As we discovered in the last pictures too, Baby A is a camera hog!

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