Thursday, October 25, 2007

Future Farmer of America

For those of you who weren't aware, Josiah is VERY fond of any kind of tractors, construction vehicles, and/or anything that has wheels! There is a tractor parked outside our church because they are landscaping the grounds and so each week Josiah makes his weekly visit to sit on the tractor and enjoy pretending to be a farmer. When he is a little older and the twins are up for traveling, we hope to take Josiah to my Uncle Mike and Aunt Genny's farm and let him ride on farm vehicles to his heart's content!

Another funny little thing he does these days is related to something Mommy and Daddy do. David will give me a hug or kiss (or both) and say something like "Mommy needs a hug and kiss," really loud so Josiah can hear. Then Josiah will run into the room where we are and say very emphatically "Guys NO, guys NO, guys NO!!" and wave his arms out in front of him. So apparently, our little pumpkinhead is already embarrassed by Mommy and Daddy showing each other affection.

He also has been remembering who gives him things lately and I can ask him what he did at a various event and he will give a run down of things he did. He picks up various cars and will say, "Grandma give it" or "Grandma's car" or "McDonalds" for the toys he got in his happy meal. It is fun to hear all his new words and ways of communicating! He also from time to time when he hears some rousing music will say, "Rock and Roll!" and will start dancing crazily. His new way of dancing is to stomp around a lot with the occassional hip wiggle or head bobs to go along.

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Lana Starr said...

11/18 Hi Heather, David & Josiah, Just took a look at your blog and the babies in your tummy and Josiah on the tractor. Very interesting and Josiah is sure a cutie. Hope all is well with you and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.