Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Daniel's Uh-OH Face & Sicky Caleb

Here is Daniel making his "Uh-OH" face. He works REALLY hard to get the "OH" sound as you can see here. It makes me laugh everytime he does this! So far, he is the only baby we have had that likes to mimic things right away. Both Josiah and Caleb seemed to like to observe us doing things long before they attempt to try them themselves. Daniel likes to get right in there and try things out! Daniel has been sick too, but he doesn't seem to be as affected by it as Caleb has been.

Here is poor, little Caleb who has been so sick of late. It started with just a runny nose and then it worsened and he seems overly tired and also had a slight fever also. We are watching him today and may take him in as his appetite and sleep are being affected quite a bit. He is also very cranky and cries a lot, which is unusual for him. As a side note, Josiah has been sick too, but he seems to be managing it better and I think he is on the mend. Thus far, I have remained well, but David has been feeling a little under the weather some too.

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