Saturday, January 31, 2009

Playhouse Disney Show

We decided to take Josiah on a very special outing all by himself to see the Playhouse Disney show at the Paramount in Seattle. Here is the marquee showing the show title.
Before the show, we went to lunch and we needed to kill some time before the restaurant opened and so we introduced Josiah to the escalators in the Pacific Place Mall. He was having a blast with this as you can see and was an expert at getting on and off the escalators by the time we were finished. It was also cute that when we rode in the elevators he would hold his hat. We think he did that because he felt himself falling and thought his hat would fall off or something.
We went to Johnny Rocket's before the show to have a bite to eat. It is an old 50's type place, which we found it to be rather overpriced lacking in the quality of food department as well. We did enjoy sword fighting with the straws however!

Here is a shot of Daddy with the happy Josiah boy and his new Handy Manny light up spinner toy.

Here is a good shot of me and Josiah at the show. The Handy Manny spinner posed for the shot too apparently!

Here is a shot of all of us at the show. Josiah was SO excited for this outing and has been talking about it for weeks! The funny thing was though that while he was there he was very subdued and shy. I guess that shouldn't suprise us as he is not the greatest with new environments and change, but overall he did great. He absolutely loved the Handy Manny skits and at one point, Handy Manny was over by us (we were in the 2nd row from the stage) and I told Josiah to wave at him and instead he crouched down behind the seat and hid. Obviously, he does NOT take after outgoing me. By the end of the show, he was pretty tired and ready to go home. He fell asleep on the way home and we transferred him to his bed for a nice long nap. The show itself was cute. I had to laugh though at the theme that basically indicated that music the universal language can unite the world in peace and harmony. Ummmm....yeah, not so much. But hey, it's Disney, so it's got to be a little over the top, right?

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