Sunday, January 04, 2009

Raiding the Pantry

I have a feeling this is a scene to be repeated many times at later dates as the twins grow older and start eating more and more! Here they are in their Sunday best though, rearranging things in the pantry for me. Aren't they handsome? :)


Jee said...

TOO CUTE!!!! What handsome boys you have Heather!!!!

Daniel and Natalie said...

Oh they are starting to look different from each other! Very much like my sister and I (Lenore has a longer face and bigger eyes, mine is rounder with smaller eyes). Well, I have to say that I am very glad that I had just one this second time around. It has been so much more relaxed and enjoyable than with Evelyn. If I had had twins, I think it would have been a whole new learning curve and double the reasons to freak out! You have done such a good job with the boys (all of them) Way to go on reaching one-year-old so handsomely!