Friday, January 23, 2009

Fun New Pictures

Here are Caleb and Katie (Melissa's daughter) posing for the camera. When Caleb saw Katie, he couldn't wipe the smile off his face. It was really cute because usually it takes a lot to make Caleb smile, so he must have really been happy to see her. He is flirting with the girls already!!

Here is my dear friend Melissa holding happy Daniel boy!

I am currently making an afghan for my parents (late Christmas gift) and Caleb is always interested to pull and eat my yarn, so I got some old yarn for him to play with and he enjoyed that quite a bit!
We finally broke down and decided to replace the decripit, mismatched entertainment center that we have had for many moons. David found a good deal on that and a new TV and had been saving up for a while for the purchase. He got Josiah all hyped up that they were going to build it together and he was just thrilled to "help." He said, "I can help with my tools!" He has his Handy Manny shirt on here and "Philipe" the screwdriver to be of assistance.
Josiah was attempting to balance the hammer with one hand here and shortly after I took this we advised that this was a bad idea! I love his very intense face here though! A cute story about him from today also was when David asked him to put some coins in the piggy bank and I asked him, "What are you doing Josiah?" and his answer was "I'm doing penny work."
I decided to try bathing the twins together today, since they are both really good at balancing now and it worked pretty well. I first got everything ready and then undressed them both and then put Daniel in and cleaned him up. Then I put Caleb in and cleaned him up and then sat there and watched them play. It was hard to get a shot of them both looking up and equally as hard to not get the camera soaked as you can see here. Daniel was saying, "AH AH AH AH" and splashing very aggressively most of the time. Caleb appears to be choking on the fishing pole, but I promise you he wasn't. He is always looking for something to put in his mouth to chew on! They had a blast in the tub together though. They mostly sat back to back and splashed incessantly. I had my towel shield so I didn't get a bath also!

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Mary Janelle said...

Hi Heather! I meant to mention this in an earlier post, but that bath toy you have on the wall (with the slide, etc.) was our absolute FAVORITE with Simeon. I finally threw it away several months ago when the girls were sitting up well in the big tub, as it had been through so much that I felt like it couldn't ever be quite clean enough again. (Especially the little squirter animals.) But it's a GREAT toy and I was sad that I couldn't find a new replacement. I loved that little pink sprinkly cup.