Saturday, January 03, 2009

Bath Time and Fort Time!

Here is Daniel splashing in the bath shouting, "AHHHH!" He really likes the water now! He didn't used to though! It used to be quite a scary thing for our little Daniel boy to take a bath, but he is getting more comfortable with it now that he is a one year old!

Here is Caleb splashing in the bath. He gets the award for the most water displaced! He really goes to town with the splashing! So much so that I am hard pressed to get a shot without getting waves of water heading towards the camera. He didn't want to look at me while he was in the bath either, and so it was hard to get a shot of his face!
Here is Daniel looking at the water coming out of the cup that Josiah is holding. I thought this was neat to see the droplets coming down in the still photograph. He was just infatuated with looking at the water coming down!
Here is Caleb's extreme close up in the bath. It was hard to get a face shot, but this is the closest I was able to get. You can see here how gray his eyes are. Daniel's are a very blue, blue, but his are gray and sometimes green. They seem to change color depending on what he is wearing (just like his Daddy I might add). A funny note about the twins. The new thing is that when one of them has a poopy diaper, they both come crawling to find me wherever I am. They can be playing and playing in Josiah's room and then all of a sudden come crawling as fast as lightning down the hall, and it can usually be guaranteed that someone needs a diaper change. It is really cute!
Here is Josiah in his fort in the living room. Sharel took this shot of him playing in the fort they made. This is a rare close up of our oldest boy. He is getting harder and harder to photograph these days! He is starting to learn the "I hate photos" motto from his Dad I guess. :)

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