Sunday, January 11, 2009

Funny Josiah Stories

This is a picture of Josiah I took a while back when we first got the new camera, but I wanted to post a picture of him, as I am about to write down some new Josiah-isms. To give a little back story, Josiah is an early bird and loves to wake up around 5:30am and in some cases earlier than that. He had been coming into my room to wake me up (before the babies were stirring), which WAS NOT very popular for me, the night owl. So one day this grumpy Momma gave Josiah a talking to about waking me up too early. I said something like, "Mommy doesn't want you to wake her up unless it is an emergency, because Mommy needs her sleep, so she isn't so grumpy in the morning." I then told him if he got up early that he should go potty and then he could go and play quietly in his room until I woke up. He has actually been doing this! One morning David was leaving for work early and he was out in the hallway playing and David asked what he was doing and he said, "I'm playing quietly like Mommy said and I didn't wake her up!" He likes to tell me that each morning now, Momma, I didn't wake you up! And the crowd cheers....right? But wait...I think Josiah has figured out the "secret" of how to get Mommy up without waking me himself. The other morning, the babies started to stir, which was waking me up and I heard this talking in their room. I listened further and heard Josiah singing, "Lullaby and goodnight, may good dreams ever find you..." This is what I sing to him each night before he goes to bed. He was trying to help the babies go back to sleep by singing to them. It was very sweet! Though I do think that his playing in the hallway routine is a method of getting the babies to wake up, so that I will soon get up also. Hrrrm...this boy is too smart for his own good!

Here is another fun one that we got the other day. I was helping him make a boat from his Lego magazine and one part of the boat has this little thing that looked like the boat was transporting a car (a very basic something with 4 wheels), but David informed me that likely the wheels were to represent how big ships have the life preservers hanging off the side and that perhaps it wasn't a car. In reponse to this, the conversation went something like this:

Me: Alrighty then, well Momma didn't know that.
Josiah: Why didn't you know that?
Me: Mommy doesn't know everything.
Josiah: Why don't you know everything?
David: Only God knows everything!
Josiah: I know everything.
David: NO...only God knows everything.
Josiah: Me and God know everything... (little does he know!!)

Another lovely was today when we were in the car, and we asked Josiah about what he learned today at church. He began telling the story of Joseph and what happened to him. When he got to the part in the story about how Joseph's brothers lied to Jacob about how he had disappeared, David asked Josiah, "Does Jesus like it when we lie?" He said, "No!" And then David asked him, When you tell the truth, does it make Jesus smile?" And again he said, "No!" But he obviously didn't know what David meant, so he explained and then David asked, "What does make Jesus smile?" And his response was, "Jesus likes us to share....and not to say pee-pee, or poo-poo, or dang it or darn...those are bad words!" I would like to add that the latter list was unprompted and David and I were trying so hard not to laugh outloud in the front seat! He had been using the potty words for a while there thinking they were super funny to say just randomly, we we have told him not to use them unless he is in the bathroom of course, and then the last two aren't "technically" bad words, but I have been trying to strike them from my vocabulary anyway and we didn't like to hear him say them either, so hence the "they are bad words" comment.

Another cute story from today occurred when I decided to dress him in his very dressy clothes for church (ie: dress pants, dress shirt and a vest). Daddy came in and told Josiah that I had some very special dress-up clothes for him today and he got excited and said, "Yeah!" Then when I brought them out, he saw them and said, "I don't like this dress!" (Since we say, "It is time to get dressed," he equates putting on clothes with the word "dress" regardless of the type of clothes he is wearing). I said, "You will be fine, this is what you are wearing today." He then responded with, "I am shy about this dress." Ha ha ha! He did wear it, and then later we asked him if his teacher's noticed his special clothes at church and he said, "Yes, they said I was a grown up!" He did look very grown up and unfortunately I did not get a picture, but I will next time he wears that "dress." I didn't want to make a big deal about him wearing them this time due to his response.

He is our sweet little Josiah boy! We love the things he comes up with now, and I am glad to write them here for him to enjoy someday too and to show his little ones the funny things he used to say. As a quick aside, his behavior has taken a marked turn and he really has been doing great and obeying more these days the first time. David and I are so proud of how he has been doing and can only thank the Lord and the faithful prayers of you all for this little success in his life.

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Jee said...

I loved the story about Josiah singing to the twins. TOO CUTE!!!