Saturday, January 17, 2009

One-Year Check Up, The Cage, & Salads...

We took our boys to there one-year check finally (though they are officially 13 months now). Caleb weighed in at 21 pounds (2 less than brother this time) and 29.75 inches long. He is in the 25th percentile for his weight and height (for actual age, not adjusted for prematurity). The doctor wants us to keep in an eye on his left eye as it seems it may have a blocked tear duct (his eye gets all gummed up when he is sick and/or cries a lot). This usually corrects itself in children as they grow older, so we will wait since it isn't bothering him much and it only happens once in a while. The doctor noted that our Caleb was "very observant" which is something we have noticed here as well. He really wanted to check our her stethoscope and she tried to distract him with a tongue depressor, but he wasn't deterred at all and held onto the tongue depressor in one hand and proceeded to investigate the stethoscope with the other hand. Later she had a blue glove on and was looking in his mouth and he was just fixated on the glove. The picture above captures a rather rare spawn, a Caleb smile. It is a challenge to capture his smiles on film, but he has a very sweet little smile!

Daniel weighed in at 23 pounds and was 30 inches long. He is almost in the 50 percentile for his weight and height (for his actual age, not adjusted for prematurity). The doctor was still very pleased with the boy's progress and doesn't have any concerns about them. I had to add this shot of the boys playing. Daniel has the funniest expression here as he is chomping down on the duckie.
Here is Captain Smiles A Lot, Daniel, in the forefront and Caleb munching on a block in the background. This is also a good shot also of what I call my stress reliever, which is sometimes called "the cage," but is more appropriately called "the play yard." Once these little guys started crawling more and getting into everything, it was all I could do to find even a moment to go to the bathroom! I didn't want to gate off our whole house, as I hate tripping over gates at every turn, so my mom bought us this free-standing play yard for them (thanks mom!) They don't like to stay in it for too long, but will remain in there longer if I turn on a Baby Einstein for them to watch, so that I can clean the kitchen or what have you for a little bit of time. I usually rotate them between playing in Josiah's room and playing in the play yard. David has called it "the cage" off and on and one day when the babies were playing in Josiah's room and were messing up his railroad tracks that he laid down, he said, "Put them in the cage, Momma!" I had to laugh. So we need to stop calling it that, so that won't accidentally come out in public someday to the wrong person. Hee hee!
Here is sweet Caleb boy. This is a nice close-up of his eyes. They are so different from our other boys, sort of a grayish brown with hints of green as well. They change color depending on what he is wearing. This face he is giving is his "Ma ma ma ma" face. Sometimes he sticks his tongue out and says "mama" with the tongue wagging as well, it is so funny!
Here is Mr. "take a picture of me too!" It was all I could do to get a still shot though while he was bouncing on the ball! Here are a couple new little things to add to his latest sayings. One is that he and David were playing with the Legos today, and as Josiah was helping Daddy put the little fireman together he said, "I have good thinking." Then another one was when I was taking him home from the store (later at night one evening) and he was talking about Toy Story (the first movie) and kept saying that Woody said, "Salads" (or at least that is what I heard him saying). As I tried to dig for what he was talking about, he described the scene in the movie where Buzz gets into the space ship at Pizza Planet and starts talking to the alien toys inside it. When Woody gets in and hears them talking about "the claw" and such, he calls them "zealots." So not salads, but zealots....aha! Then Josiah wanted to know what the word "zealot" meant and I said that it means to be really excited about something. I said that when we love Jesus a lot we could be called zealots for Jesus. He replied with, "I'm zealot for Christmas." And well...he did get it as you can see!!

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