Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lego Fun

We found this Police Headquarters Lego set on clearance and decided to get it when the price was right. This is the first picture I took of Josiah with his new set, as he was making the motorcycle fly through the air with a boyish "Khshhhhhhhh" sound. He was having a blast playing with these things! I built the second part with the garages and he kept saying, "Is it ready yet Momma?" and was trying to play with it while I was still building. Needless to say he was excited.
Here is the finished product of the Police Headquarters. It is pretty neat to play with actually. The garage doors open and close, it has security barriers that go up and down, and the prisnors can "escape" by pulling a lever in the back. We tried to do a prison break a few times and Josiah quickly responded with "Weee--oooo weee--oooo, you're too late!" There is zero crime in Josiah's Lego town!! He wanted to take the entire set with him to bed, but as you can see, that would have been a bad idea. We let him take back only the 3 vehicles ( plus a fire engine that I made) from the set to sit on the table next to his bed.

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