Friday, March 13, 2009

Twin Update

Daniel has recently been showing himself as a mechanical genius. He knows how to open the front door (when not bolt locked that is), unscrew a cap off a bottle, turn on and off switches on various appliances (under supervision of course), can open the piano cover (which usually requires an adult with two hands on it), can close doors, push buttons, you name it! I will definitely have to keep my eyes on this one as he is just too smart for his own good! Josiah didn’t even attempt to do doorknobs it seems until he was around two. This Daniel boy isn’t “officially” walking yet and he can do all these things! Sheeesh! He also is trying more and more words as well. I tried to get him to say “all done” after his meal and he says “AH-DOO,” with the same inflection as my “all done,” so he is doing really well!

Caleb is our sneaky escape artist. We always joke around that he is so observant about things in order to see where his nearest escape routes are, and then he attempts to go for them. We block off the front of our living room with a gate, but there is a chink in our defenses, as he has found he can crawl underneath the fireplace area around the chair and under the table on the side of the chair to make his way to the TV and all the yummy-tasting remotes. We blocked his entrance with pillows one day, and that kept him out for a while and then he discovered he could climb on top of the fireplace area and then down underneath the table, bypassing the pillow blockade. Sheeesh! He is still very determined, and yet so sneaky about getting what he wants! When it is quiet and you don’t know where he is…look out! He is very much so a Daddy’s boy, as he just LOVES his Daddy! Whenever Daddy comes home, he giggles with delight and nearly falls over with excitement. Caleb climbed in the recycle bin box the other day and discovered the new fun game, to have Daddy or Mommy push he and his brother around in the box. Many gleeful sounds are heard in our home when the babes are being pushed around in the recycling bin.

Here are the twins together chillin’ on the bench outside. If you look in the archives under July 2008, you will see a comparison shot of them sitting on the bench then as compared to this one here. They have grown so much! As you read above you can see that together we truly have some double trouble though! Caleb will find the escape route and Daniel will manipulate all technology and/or mechanical objects in the way to aid in their escape. Yikes! Thankfully they have a big brother who alerts me with the loud “Uh-OH!” whenever they are doing something they shouldn’t. Hopefully that trend will continue as they grow up!

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