Friday, March 13, 2009

Josiah Update

Our sweet Josiah is at present battling a little cold, that for the 1st couple of days attacked his voice and caused a really croupe-like sounding cough as well as caused some breathing issues for him. We were told when he was a baby that when he gets colds that he develops asthmatic symptoms. We used to give him breathing treatments when he was very young to help with that. As he got older though, he started to refuse them, and it was more of a battle to tie him down to take them and made his breathing worse because he was crying and fighting us. Thankfully, he doesn’t get to the point of NOT breathing, but rather it just sounds funny and generally improves if I take him outside and also gets better as the day progresses. It mainly seems to crop up at night or in the early morning it seems. I have been running a humidifier in his room to help, but I plan to keep a close eye on this for the future as he may need to have an inhaler at some point. Asthma runs in the family on my mom’s side.

Here is Josiah in his “Think, think, think” pose like Pooh Bear. The other day in the car, he said to me, “Momma, why are Gordon and James mad?” (They are steam engines from the Thomas the Tank Engine shows.) I told him I didn’t know. Then he said, “I know why they are mad…’cause they’re undinified and croff.” The translation from 3-year-old to adult is "because they are undignified and cross!" And for those of you who have little boys and have watched the show, then that last line should make you laugh. Another line from those shows that always makes me chuckle is to say from time to time, “You have caused confusion and delay!”
Josiah is posed here in front of his rock mountain that he made. He loves to create things now and builds train tracks (that sprawl all over his room and don’t necessarily connect) and takes apart and re-creates various Lego cars/buildings. His new favorite movie for the time being is “The Pirates that Don’t do Anything.” At one point in the movie, the character, Sedgewick, encounters a giant pile of his favorite snack food (cheese curls) and decides to stay and hang out there instead of continue on in the adventure with the other two characters. Just as Sedgewick is ready to eat one of the curls, it comes alive and screams really loudly and then the whole bunch of them start chasing Sedgewick out of the cave. Josiah gets a huge kick out of this and thinks that the “squeeming cheese cools” are funny.
He also has been singing a lot more lately and some of his favorite songs are “The Itsy Spitsy Spider” (yes he sings it that way…so cute), “Spongebob Squarepants” (we get the beginning phrases of this one and lots of mumbles for words he doesn’t know, but he sings it with gusto!), “The Pirates that Don’t Do Anything,” and oddly enough I heard him trying to sing with the KidsBop CD commercial the other day. Speaking of commercials, we were watching the Nick Jr. channel, and between the “shows” there was a commercial for “Space Bags,” which is of course geared to the adults that are watching with their kiddos. He looked at me and said, “I wish to have Space Bags, Momma.” Just imagine his face when on his birthday he unwraps a few Space Bags. Do you think he will like them? Another funny thing is when there are girl toy commercials, I tease him and say, “Do you want a My Little Pony, Josiah?” He says, “No, I want that for Hailey.” She is my friend Melissa’s daughter. Note here that he still WANTS the item, just not for himself.

The other day Grandma got him the “Lightyear Blimp” named “Al-Oft” (get it?) from the Cars movie. That was his favorite toy for a few days and he went around flying his “blump” from place to place. We corrected him a few times to say “blimp,” but it was just so funny to hear him talk about his “blump.” He is such a sweet little boy and I feel priviledged to have him be entrusted to our care on this earth.


Chris (mara's mom) said...

Heather...... I LOVE watching your children grow! I check your blog on a regular basis...... They are soooooooo cute!

Heather said...

Thanks Chris,
Glad I am still entertaining you with my ramblings about my kiddos. I am thankful for this venue as I am sure much of these little sayings and things would be lost to my Mommy brain if I didn't write them down for posterity! I look forward to seeing my kiddos read these in the future and laugh and remember with me.

Daniel and Natalie said...

That's one of the best reasons to do it! The boys look great! I am concerned that Sophie may have the same problems with colds :( The nebulizer is easy for the newborns but I can see it getting harder for older ones. Hope he gets better quick! Love, Natalie

marrie said...

That's so funny, I remember when my now 5.5 year old was obsessed with Thomas...He was forever coming up with all these prim and proper statements that had me cracking up. He also would say, "I'm excellent at trains"...He outgrew them sometime after age four, but we kept them all for his little brother, who at almost two is just starting to show interest in them.

I also wanted to ask you, can you recommend a hands free pumping bra? I know you said I should get one, but I have no idea where to get one or what to look for!