Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Three Cute Boys!

This is something Josiah loves to do nowadays. He does headstands on the chair (as pictured here), the couch, the floor, or wherever. Not sure what the draw is for doing them so much, but he is constantly doing this throughout the day. He went out with my parents for dinner last night and afterward Grandma wanted to take him to Walmart to look for Gordon (one of the Thomas the Tank Engine trains), and Grandpa didn't want to go and buy more toys and so they were "discussing" this in the car on the way there. At one point, Josiah chimed in to convince Grandpa that going to Walmart was the way to go and said, "Trust me, Grandpa...just try it!" many times have I said that to Josiah? I usually say this to him when he doesn't want to try something new and I am attempting to get him to do it. Too funny! Also, I think I have mentioned before that my parents will sometimes spell where they are going to make a decision about where they are going. Josiah will take random letters and say, "I want to go to RTV" or something like that. I told Josiah last Saturday that Daddy was going to take him to Target for some fun (while I taught a group lesson at the house) and he went in and woke Daddy up saying, "Can we go to C.R.V. also called Target?"

Here is our handsome little Caleb boy. He many times has this serious look on his face as I am sure he is devising his next adventurous move. He likes to find an object (a toy, lid or whatever) to put in his mouth and then walk around with it like just hanging out. I have to watch him though because he will get some long object in his mouth and I am always afraid he will topple over and it will be jammed back in his throat. He is walking pretty well now albeit a bit wobbly! His walking style is to throw his arms up in the air and walk or rather try to run as fast as he can. This leads to more falling down than his brother, but I am sure he will be steady at walking rather soon! Also when he doesn't get his way on something like getting the toy he wanted (either Josiah or Daniel stealing it) or if he wanted to be held and we put him down he flops on the floor in a very dramatic fashion and wails. Sometimes this backfires though and he flops himself onto a toy like a car or something like that and he hurts himself and his fake wails turn into "I hurt myself" wails. Either way, he usually gets comforted again and usually that was what he wanted. He is a sneaky one!

Daniel is also steadily walking these days and of the two seems more sturdy on his feet. He is our careful walker and so doesn't fall quite as much unless his oldest brother gets a mind to knock him over, which is of course NOT popular! He also loves to play "peek-a-boo" in his crib and will take his blanket and pull it over his head and then pop out and laugh. It is the cutest! He is still our most communicative one and tries to say words all the time. It is funny to listen to his little mumbling gibberish as he "tells" me very important things.

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