Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Take Your Twins to Work Day

Since it was my spring break from teaching lessons, we decided to bring the babies to David's work for a visit. Vivian (pictured above) had been asking David for some time to schedule in a baby visit and we were glad to oblige. David loaded her up with both our little bruisers and as you can see she is very amused! Josiah stayed home with a babysitter as it would have been too hard to watch all three in the work environment at the same time. Perhaps some day, I will bring Josiah up to Daddy's work by himself again too.

Daniel did his best to put as many baby germs on Naomi's keyboard as he possible could during the visit. He typed and typed and typed and had the computer been unlocked, he might have been able to reformat Naomi's hard drive or some other such thing. Daniel is definitely our button pusher! A couple of people commented that Daniel was a little Daddy in the making and would inherit his gift for technology.

Val is working here to protect her earrrings from being pulled off as Caleb is trying to find a way to grab them. She and some other folks stopped by near David's desk to visit the two newest recruits to the company.

Daniel had a blast testing out everyone's keyboards and Lane showed him how to raise his desk up and down at the push of a button, which was very popular! Lane said he is soon to be a grandparent and so he got in a little practice bouncing a little one on his knee today. Thanks to all for such a fun visit! The babes took a nice snooze on the way home after all the excitement.

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Jee said...

Cute photos Heather. I remember the ole days when Josiah would come and visit me in the lobby. How times have changed and I cannot believe how much the boys (all three of them) have grown. It looks like everyone had a great time. Craig and I will have to come up soon so that we can visit and say hello!