Sunday, April 26, 2009

Outdoor Fun

Sharel (our babysitter) got a nice shot of our oldest pumpkinhead...I love his eyes in this one.

Here is the norm for Josiah, running away from the camera! Oh and a funny quote from him of late. When my friend Mara came to visit, they were having a conversation about how cars get energy to go and Josiah said something about milk at one point. Mara asked, "Does milk give you gas?" He said, "No....we make farts." :) Lovely...and I am reminded I have three more of these jokes to come I guess.

The twins have been taking more and more rides in the wagon of late. They absolutely love riding in it!

In our back yard, we have a little bee swing and this shot of Caleb is a classic face that he makes! He loves riding in the swing and when we try to take him out he has a death grip on the ropes.

Daniel is so pleased to be riding the bee swing also that you can see most all the molars in his mouth! He has 4 molars now, 2 on top and two on the bottom. We are waiting to see the eye teeth for both boys on top and bottom as of yet.

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Rebecca Kvenvolden said...

Oh my gosh, your kids are SO CUTE!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I so appreciate the encouragement!!
ps. we are practically neighbors! are you in the TPOM group? I just joined :-)