Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is Risen!!!

After I got the boys dressed for Easter services, I attempted to capture them altogether. Little boys in suits are just the cutest, don't you think? We have been quizzing Josiah all week and even before about the Easter story. We ask him, "What is Easter about?" and we have been given a wide range of answers. One of the funniest was when he said Easter was about "knocking Jesus off the cross." Ummm....sort of, but not so much! A couple times I have been able to get him going to tell the whole story and tried to write it down soon afterward, so I will try to reproduce it here for you. Mind you, these details weren't always given every time he told it and I just basically put all the little phrases together for sequencing purposes. :)

"There was a priggely (prickley) crown on his head. The armies came with the SOLLders (soldiers) and they pushed and pushed and pushed!" I said, "What did they push?" He said, "They pushed the crown on his head." "He died on the cross with no clothes on. They wrapped him in a cold blankie and put him in a cave and moved a big rock." I asked, "How many days was he in the cave?" He answered, "He died for a long, long time....for twemty (twenty) days!" Then I said, "What did the women do when they came to look for Jesus?" Josiah said, "They said, glory and hosanna!" you can see, he is getting bits and pieces of it. I plan to keep on reviewing this with him long after the Easter season is finished anyway, so hopefully next year he will really know it well.

This is a rare spawn...a picture of the entire family altogether! It is a fairly decent shot too considering! We went to my parent's house to have dinner together after our Easter services, and so I had my Mom take a picture of all of us at my Dad's church. We actually arrived a little after their service ended, since we went to the first two services this Sunday at our church (during the 2nd hour we attend a Bible study class). Today, I also had the priviledge of helping to lead worship as a back-up singer. At one point during the service, people from our congregation brought up their "cardboard testimonies." One one side of their large cardboard sign was written something that they struggled with and/or went through in their lives and then they flipped the card to show how their lives have been changed for the good through their relationship with Jesus Christ. It was moving to see the many miracles and there were many tears as well. The entire congregation was also encouraged to come up and offer their own version of the cardboard testimony (bulletin insert page) in a basket in the front.

Caleb had fun exploring Grandma and Grandpa's house walking around and playing peek-a-boo with Grandma's living room curtains as well.

Daniel walked around quite a bit also exploring a new place at the grandparent's house. Grandpa wears suspenders many times, and as a fun game he pulls them out and lets then snap back in place and he says, "AH" in suprise to get the babes laughing. As he was playing this game with Caleb, Daniel was walking around the room pulling at his own shirt and saying "AH" as well.


Sandra said...

Too cute! Love the story about Josiah and the Easter story. They all look so handsome in their little suits too. :)

Daniel and Natalie said...

It looks like you had a lovely day! Way to go with those boys! You are doing such a great job! Love to you all and happy spring!