Friday, April 03, 2009

Fun Outing & Surprise Visit!

My parents and I planned to have a "fun day" with the kiddos today and we had originally wanted to go to the zoo or something, but it was just too cold and dreary to be outside, so we went to the Auburn Supermall instead. Josiah needed a haircut anyway, so it worked out well. I tried to take some good pictures of Josiah, but he was moving around so fast, it was hard to get decent ones. Here he is though at the top of the mountain where you can also see his new haircut.
This is a little blurry of him, but shows him having fun climbing up the slide. As it turned out, he wanted to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the weekend and so after all the fun of the day, we packed a bag for him some more quality time with them.

It was awfully hard to get a shot of the two of them together facing me, so this was about the best I could do. They both wanted to turn the wheel a different way and you can see that Daniel is exerting some effort to turn it his way.
One of our nicknames for Daniel is "fuzz head" because as you see pictured here he has some fuzzy hair on the back of his head. This is really noticeable right after his hair dries a bit after being in the bath. He was enjoying climbing UP the slides in the play area. After a while of play though, he got tuckered out and wanted to be held the rest of the time.

Daniel was walking all over the place, so I was surprised I could pin him down in one place to get such a nice shot! He really enjoyed playing with all the wall toys and walking around to explore all the big toys.

Here is Caleb crawling through the tunnel under the mountain in the play area. At one point during his exploring, he crawled up the stairs of a slide and as I was looking for him I saw him sliding down the slide feet first on his tummy! When Josiah was this young, he wouldn't have ever tried something like that! Caleb has no fear once again and so thankfully this is a nice padded area for him to explore.

Our little swimmer feet Caleb boy is here pictured with the fish. His expression is so sweet with his tongue sticking out! If I could find a way to do those baby swim lessons, I am certain that Caleb would absolutely LOVE it! Likely though, he will have to wait to learn to swim until he gets older. So for now he will have to be content with water play in the bathtub.

When we were passing by the play area to get Josiah's hair cut, Mara's Dad saw me and it just so happened that Mara (who lives about one hour and a half away from us) was in the area to visit with her family and was coming to the mall at that very time frame. What a wonderful surprise! I will be seeing her again soon as we are going to do a road trip up to attend our friend Darcy's baby shower in a few weeks, so that will be fun too!

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Anonymous said...

Boy WAS it a surprise to run into you! I'm excited about coming to visit!!!