Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Outdoor Play

On one of the nicest days we had recently (the same day as the twin visit to work incidentally), I let the boys play outside in the back yard a bit. This is one of five attempts to get a decent shot of the four of us outside. Needless to say, it is rather hard to get all four of us looking up and smiling at the same time. I chose this one to share because Josiah had such a mischievious look on his face and it appears that I am trying to corral him with my hand...such a classic shot of us! Josiah gave this one posed look and the rest of the pictures were of him trying to hide. Oh well, someday we will enjoy how these pictures captured the reality of the moment I guess!

Josiah was so proud of himself for climbing the tree that he actually smiled and let me take a picture of him. He is taking after his Daddy in that he doesn't like to have pictures taken of him.

A sweet little, classic shot of Caleb boy with "that look" he always gives us. He is very serious about things most of the time and surely is plotting all the things he plans to do in that little head of his.

Daniel took to taste-testing most of the whole yard as he crawled and tried to walk (but fell a lot due to the uneven ground). We have quite a few poses of him making very "blech" type of faces as he discovered that tree parts, grass, and such aren't very tasty afterall.

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