Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Latest...

A rare moment...3 boys all in one place, literally for less than 30 seconds I think while I took this. They are not all looking at the camera, but I think it really captures the movement and activity of our household. You may notice that David is holding on to Daniel's collar to make him stay put and Caleb is constrained by his arm. Josiah is preoccupied telling Daddy something, so he didn't move as much.

On the last day of Bible study, I was walking back in through the doors to the room where he had been playing and he was following me, and I didn't realize he was holding onto the door jam as the door slammed on his finger. He cried for almost the entire half an hour on the way home. Poor pumpkinhead. It doesn't hurt him much now, but I thought I would take a picture of his black finger for posterity's sake.

Caleb and Daniel both take great pleasure in climbing on the kitchen chairs (and most anything else that looks climbable for that matter) and if not detered they also enjoy climbing onto the kitchen table. This has resulted in me having to keep the table completely cleared, so as not to provide any bait for the boys to want to climb up there. As you can see Caleb is clapping here and is very pleased with his accomplishment. When we say to him, "Can you clap for us?" he does it without seeing someone clap first now. He also is learning to make monkey sounds when Daddy or Mommy ask him what sound a monkey makes. He also waves with both hands by bending his hands over and over at the big knuckles.

Daniel and Caleb both also love to read books. We can take a board book in hand and suddenly there are two toddling boys sitting in our laps. Daniel "reads" to himself sometimes too and climbs into the rocking chair in Josiah's room with a book and turns pages and talks very meaningfully to himself. He also loves to take any object and turn it into a phone and talks into it. Today, he took a school bus puzzle piece as his phone and had many things to tell the bus! We think that he also has created a sign for asking for his pacifier. He puts his finger to his mouth as if he was saying he was hungry. I tried to feed him when he did this (after he had just eaten an hour earlier) and he didn't really eat, but he seemed very satisfied when I gave him his pacifier.

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Mary Janelle said...

It's amazing how impossible it is to get everyone to sit still for a picture. Thanks for pointing out how the boys are being constrained... too funny. They are always on the go, aren't they? My Eloise is climbing up on the chairs now, too. I caught her stealing some of my dinner the other night right before we sat down. :-)