Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Warmish Watermelon Days

We have to take advantage of the sun when we have it these days, and last Sunday when the sun was out, the boys played a bit outside and on the deck. We have a way to keep the babies contained on the deck by blocking the stairs to the back yard. They don't seem to have any inclination that I can see to dive off the deck through the slats, so it is a fun area for them to roam around and yet still relatively safe (with my supervision of course). Josiah was hungry for watermelon, and apparently the babies were too and joined in on the feast.
Caleb is doing his version of Peek-a-Boo here by covering his face. You can't see him, right? Whenever we start talking about Peek-a-Boo, he does this. Another funny thing he came up with lately is when we talk about dancing, he marches really fast in place and starts laughing to himself. Daniel tries to imitate him and unless he braces himself, he falls down. Caleb keeps on marching though with his hysterical laughter. We are hoping to get this on video soon! Another very cute Caleb-ism is when his brother Daniel is crying, he will come over to him and bounce down and up around Daniel's face looking at him with a big smile. It almost always gets Daniel to laugh at him. They also love to chase one another and to be chased by Mommy and Daddy. I say, "I'm.....gonn--na......GET YOU!" and get closer and closer as I am saying that, and they try to run as fast as they can to get away, laughing the whole time. Caleb laughs so much, he starts running into things, so I have to be careful where we are when I catch him, so that he doesn't collapse somewhere where he will hurt himself.

Daniel loves to play Peek-a-Boo and has been doing this for quite a while now! He will take bibs, blankets, clothes, or whatever to hide his face to play. He gets a big kick out of it when I say, "Where's Daniel? Where is he?" He just laughs behind the hiding cloth of choice and then pulls it up and squeals in delight. He also does this deal when he wants me to do something for him where he just hollers, "MaaaaaaMaaa, MaaaaMaaa" over and over again until I figure out what he wants me to do. Sometimes he hollers that when I am holding him too and I say, "I'm right here silly, what do you want?"
As a side note, me and the boys got sick with strep throat this last week. David may have it too now, he is getting tested tomorrow. We were told that kids under two don't get strep by the doctors. Well, they do and we had the strep cultures done to prove it. Thankfully now, we are all on antibiotics and are getting better. You may notice in the first picture that Josiah has a little rash on his face. That came from him having strep and me not knowing he did. It cleared up on the first day on antibiotics.

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Jee said...

Great photos Heather -- it's nice to see the boys play together. I love checking the blog to see them grow. Thanks for sharing!